Splatter Den

Splatter Den

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Splatter Den classes are excellent, shorter form versions of our larger events. The Splatter Den was created so creative people could 'drop-in' with or without a bigger party whenever they felt that creative urge.

There are multiple class times on most days to fit your schedule. Come by yourself or bring some friends but come ready to create with your selected project!

More About Splatter Den

This workshop will be a way for you to have a stress-free environment that is fun, anxiety-relieving, and where you can certainly make quite the mess while creating your very own masterpiece!

We find this to be both an artistic outlet for those who are interested, and for people to be able to bring joy to one another, and learn more about each other in a unique/fun way. If you would like to register for one of these upcoming workshops, and have your own experience in the SPLATTER DEN. 


Step 1:  To book your appointment, please select a time from the available time slots on the calendar. 

Step 2:  Your project and quantity (number of people attending) must be added to the Cart and continue on to Payment for your appointment to be completed. 

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Why choose us?

Here is what you will find at H&S Mount Juliet

We are a paint and sip craft studio where guests transform unfinished wood and ceramic projects into works of art.
Our instructor guided classes are super fun and easy. Come craft with us!



Kristen Volz Counce  recommends Hammer & Stain Mount Juliet.March 6 at 6:26 AM  · I had a blast! They helped with my project every step of the way and it turned out beautifully. Wonderful evening!

Kristen Counce
Nashville, TN

David Stanfield  recommends Hammer & Stain Mount Juliet.July 19, 2020  · My daughter wanted the entire family to do this (along with other things) for her birthday. We went, not knowing what to expect. Before we knew it, we all 4 had our ceramics and were having an awesome time watching each other and enjoying the company of the store owner. We did not realize, until we were finished, that we had been there for 3.5 hours. This whole time, laughing, talking, and enjoying quality family time while doing a fun project. We are so excited while we wait on the finished product. This is definitely something we will do again when we need to leave the cares of the world for a while. Thank you for allowing us have such a great time.

David Stanfield
Mount Juliet, TN

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