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8 products

A creative taste of what Hammer & Stain offers, upcoming Mount Juliet art class and public crafting workshop information, and more

Come create with us! In our modern technology-driven world, there’s never been a better time to unplug and enjoy the gift of crafting and creation. Our art and crafting studio near Nashville provides a comfortable, fun, and casual atmosphere to put forth your creative mindset, work with your hands and craft something unique and personal to take home or gift to a loved one.

Why Should I Take a Craft Workshop or Art Class?

Hammer & Stain caters to anyone regardless of artistic background or skill level. We believe that we’re all capable of making something worthy of display — if you haven’t attended a public or at-home workshop, we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

From learning new techniques, approaching a familiar project from a new perspective, or even using art as a healthy stress outlet, our attendees always take home more than what they’ve physically crafted together.

The (Many) Benefits of Creating Art 

Allowing your creative mind to wander or simply exercising these areas of your brain can be relaxing, stimulating, and even therapeutic. While some only need a blank canvas and others seek a little more guidance and instruction, attendees at our Mount Juliet art and craft workshop often enjoy:

  • Self-discovery: acquiring and improving new skills
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Pride in creating something personalized and tangible
  • A unique sense of expression
  • FUN!

Many of our public art workshops and classes are structured and work from templated materials, ensuring you feel confident about your take-home masterpiece!

Art and Crafting Workshops and Classes We Offer

@ Home Kits: put your home space to use and craft from the safety and comfort of your residence or personal studio! These DIY-friendly art and craft kits for sale are the perfect way to spend time with the family and serve as a fun and unique gift for a friend. Some @ Home kits are available for public studio sessions.

Guided Workshops: with the guidance and supervision of your workshop instructor, you’ll work step-by-step to make your own, personalized item.

Splatter Den: these recurring classes offer an energetic, carefree environment for creative people to drop-in and let their expressive mind run wild. Loosely structured, the Splatter Den is a paint-on-canvas, wood or pillowcase workshop and a favorite amongst many of our class goers!

After School Program: perfect for artistic-minded students who can’t get enough at school, our after-school art programs are the perfect bridge between the classroom and home.

Private Parties: make it a celebratory affair and get creative with your friends and family! You’ll have our studio to yourselves; we’ll help you and your loved ones turn your artistic ideas into a reality everyone can take home and cherish. This includes birthday parties for all ages.

Take an Art of Crafting Workshop In Mount Juliet Today!

Life is short — why wait to create? Check out our upcoming workshops and events below and feel free to contact us with any questions!